October Daybook

Outside my window: the warm weather is trying to hang on but when i leave work in the morning… it is finally starting to smell like fall. I am thinking: That thinks might be a bit finacially tight with needing tires and inspections and holidays but how so far we have not gone without anything […]

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Daybook June

Outside my window: its still really rainy lately but thankfully this is perfect painting weather. warm enough to ventilate but wet enough to not want to be outdoors. lol. I am thinking: about all the bills and events we have coming up in the 6 months. im already drained just by thinking. I am thankful […]

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Starting Fresh

I have been meaning to write a good post other than a Daybook or recipe and although we are already into April; its time to put everything out there and get things started. As most of our friends and family know, Zach and I purchased our first home 3 days before Christmas. It has been […]

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Outside my window: its suppose to be spring! Why is there still snow om the ground? We have had a huge mix of weather here in Pa and we are honestly just taking it as it comes. I am thinking: That for as much as we have accomplished in march; I should have completed more […]

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Churro French Toast

So as I have mentioned in a few of my Dayposts; I really want to get more into sharing my life and loves with friends and family on here and also keep myself a littlw more accountable with the goals I am setting for myself so I don’t keep hitting stagnant areas in my life. […]

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Daybook March

Outside my window: Its snowing again here but honestly we cant complain because we havent really had to much at one time this year. I am thinking: That february also escaped us and so I am just now finally getting in order to start knocking down some goals. Not to mention be more involved with […]

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February Daybook

Outside my window: Its a clear cold and very breezy 26 degree night. I am thinking: That its already the middle of february and i have barely started on my 2019 goals. Its crazy how we make plans and life throws unexpected changes our way. I am thankful for: Honestly my husband and co workers […]

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Daybook 1-15

Outside my window: right now it’s dark and a brisk 26 degrees. right now we are at the calm of our winter weather but expected to get more snow this week. I am thinking: That 2019 is already so different for Zach and I compaired to any other year. I am thankful for: Our new […]

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Daybook 12/3

Outside my window: it is only 43 freezing degrees. With threats of snow this week after a surprise 65 degree day in December. I am thinking: about all the things Zach and i need to do before and after moving into our new house this month. I am thankful for: my goofy but amazing husband […]

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Daybook 10/18

Outside my window: summer has finally left us and it is only 43 freezing degrees. With threats of snow this week for the first time this season. I am thinking: about all the changes we need to make to our house for the winter as well as to my grandpas so he might be able […]

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